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From the “when” to the “how” to the “who”, StateScape offers the following resources to clients, researchers, and the public at large.

BillFinder - We provide our basic bill search tool for free (see Resources dropdown menu on top of screen). You may search directly for a certain bill if you know its number, or you may search by keyword(s). Please feel free to come back as often as you wish to look up any bill.

Schedules - We have included the major state, local, and federal legislative and regulatory schedules to aid you in determining the status of lawmaking efforts that are of interest to your organization. These include legislative session schedules, register publication schedules, and meeting dates for select U.S. cities.

Processes - Each state has unique methods for adopting bills and regulations into law. Understanding legislative, regulatory, and ordinance processes helps you pinpoint those proposals that are receiving serious consideration. Knowing key deadlines helps you avoid being left out of the policymaking process.

Contacts - Our legislature and executive leadership links lead you straight to the governing source at the state, local, and federal levels. Whether you just need additional information, or you've decided to get involved with the policymaking process, you will know who to contact.