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What is tracking?

Tracking is the process of filtering, categorizing, and then monitoring legislation, regulations, and local ordinances that are relevant to an organization from proposal through final resolution. This process begins with compiling relevant data through the review of governmental websites, or by using a keyword-driven search engine specially designed for this purpose. Experienced research analysts must then sift through hundreds, and often thousands, of documents including bills, drafts, agendas, amendments, proposed regulations, bulletins, and press releases to find those proposals that have the potential to impact your organization. Once found, these proposals must then be tracked though state-specific legislative and regulatory processes to their final resolution.

Who needs tracking?

Any organization that needs to stay current on legislative and regulatory developments, whether for advocacy, compliance, trend watching, or to aid in its marketing programs, needs a process for harnessing this information. Due to the complexity and time commitments involved, many organizations find that partnering with a trusted tracking service is no longer a luxury, but a necessity.

How can StateScape help me?

StateScape has been a leader in analyzing legislative and regulatory information for private corporations, public agencies, trade associations, and advocacy organizations for over 20 years. Whatever your budget, our in-house experts can develop a solution to meet your tracking needs. We monitor all issues at all levels of government, and because StateScape makes the information we gather for you available online, it can be accessed from any location at any time. With StateScape's convenient features, you can search for bills and regulations organized by keyword or by subject area. You also have the ability to generate customized reports and to create personalized fields and filters that help you stay organized.  For those clients that would prefer to have StateScape deliver new and updated information directly to them, we offer a fully customizable e-mail alert system.

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