Regulatory Tracking

RegsTrack - Let StateScape connect the dots for you.

StateScape’s RegsTrack service enables your organization to keep up to date with the latest regulatory developments. Our highly experienced analysts specialize in navigating complex regulatory processes and in keeping you informed of the critical and time-sensitive information that you need to effectively influence the rulemaking process.

What sets our regulatory coverage apart is the manner in which it is organized and the specialized knowledge of our analysts. Each state possesses its own, unique administrative procedures act which outlines the steps that must be taken when adopting or amending a regulation. A familiarity with and understanding of these complex and varying state procedures is a critical component of being able to accurately track a rulemaking action from proposal to adoption. Our RegsTrack service allows you to harness the knowledge we’ve built up through years of monitoring regulatory developments, and put it to work for your organization.

Our unique reporting system provides you with a snapshot of the entire rulemaking process and ensures that you always know the current status of a regulatory proposal. We provide you with every available piece of supporting documentation that each state provides, which allows you to keep apprised of critical information such as comment deadlines, hearing dates, and other scheduled actions.

StateScape offers multiple levels of service to meet your regulatory tracking needs and budget. 

Registers:  Registers are each geographic region’s official publication for rulemaking notices. With over 150 register publications issued per month by the 50 states, the federal government, and the territories, our register coverage saves you time by ensuring that you view only the rulemaking actions that are relevant to you.

Agencies:  Our agency coverage is an early-warning system which gives you access to important regulatory notices before they are published in the state registers. StateScape allows you to tailor your coverage so that you can focus in on the administrative agencies of your choice. This level of service also enables you to view important non-rulemaking notices, such as advisories, circulars, and bulletins, which are released only on agency websites and never in the state registers.

Meetings:  Many agencies and boards hold regular public meetings in which preliminary, informal discussions of impending rulemaking proceedings take place. With this level of service, StateScape provides you with the earliest possible notice of upcoming regulatory changes that will affect your organization’s interests.

Compliance:  If your regulatory needs are compliance-driven, we can make sure that you only receive notice of relevant regulations upon adoption.


As a client, you will also be able to utilize the following productivity tools to help make your job easier.

  • Custom Group Notes allows you to add comments, analysis, contact notes, and other information to regulatory data provided by StateScape to share with other users.
  • Personal Notes is similar to Group Notes, but this function allows you to post notes to a regulation for your eyes only.
  • Email Alerts enables you to subscribe to alerts on individual regulatory measures or to create a subject and state email alert profile. 
  • Email-It Tool allows you to easily send a pre-formatted email containing full regulatory document text.
  • Compliance Alerts allows you to subscribe to alerts for adopted regulations only.
  • Searchable Hearing Dates and Comment Deadlines enables you to prioritize your work by filtering reports based on upcoming hearings and comment deadlines.
  • Custom Summaries comes standard with RegsTrack and enables you to zero in on the particular aspects of each regulation which impact your interests.
  • Access Links provides you with hyperlinks which direct you to regulatory notices that are published in state registers or on agency websites.
  • Customized Banner enables you to incorporate your organization’s logo on StateScape’s search page to give it a customized look for your staff, members, or clients.
  • Report Generation provides multiple formatting options, including an interactive map format, in order to generate visually appealing and engaging reports on the regulations you are tracking.
  • Quick Links Tool allows you to save customized reports and share them with other users.
  • Personal Lists enables you to flag a subset of regulations that are of interest. This is especially useful for larger organizations with multiple users that have varying areas of focus.